VTB — Payment card limits

Payment card limits

1.       Conduction of contactless payments without entering the password: maximum 100 AZN.

2.       Withdrawal of cash abroad (monthly limit): maximum 10 000 USD.

3.       Encashment with Business card is prohibited.

4.       Conduction of operations in e-commerce without 3D authentication is prohibited (3D Secure in case website supports 3Ds/VbV)

5.       The new terms and conditions of the "Credit Cards" product have come into force on 20.05.2021. In this regard, in credit cards with conditions that have expired, and issued in the period from 12/04/2021 to 19/05/2021 the limit on usage of funds has been reduced (these product conditions are not relevant today). The limits will be restored from 30/12/2021 under the new conditions. However, since 11.11.2021 transaction limits will be reduced to an amount of 1 AZN.
In view of the above, Bank invites the cardholders to sign a new loan agreement.

        *Limits, defined by other credit organizations, can be different from limits defined by VTB bank (Azerbaijan)