E-Pin service (PIN code replacement)


 Using the e-PIN-service, set a new PIN in any way
 convenient for you:


  •                      АТМ

  •                      POS-terminal

Changing your PIN through website

  1. On the bank’s page click the following link https://reg.azericard.com/pin_vtb/
  2. Enter the required data of your card (card number, validity date and CVV)
  3. elect the option to set PIN after which an SMS with a set of numbers and symbols will be received on the mobile number (*)
  4. Enter the number and in place of symbols insert numbers consecutively for new PIN.

Changing your PIN in АТМ

  1. Insert the card in an ATM, select the partition EPIN on left hand corner of the screen.
  2. Enter one-time PIN received on your mobile number.
  3. Enter your new PIN.
  4. Re-enter your new PIN to confirm.

Changing your PIN in POS-terminal

Go to any branch of the bank and set PIN at the cash desk.