Money transfers

Bank VTB (Azerbaijan) offers a broad range of instant money transfer services with a coverage of over 200 countries of the world.

We offer to our customers various urgent money transfers systems like  Золотая Корона, Contact.

Key benefits of instant money transfers via our bank:

  • Broad geography – transfers via VTB (Azerbaijan) cover over 200 countries of the world
  • Currency – instant money transfers can be processed in USD and Russian Roubles
  • High speed – money transfer takes 5-15 minutes
  • Low commission charges for transfers (commission charge is paid by the Sender only, the Recipient does not pay anything)
  • Simple formalization at dispatch/receipt of transfer
  • Reliability – money transfer is protected by a reliable security system that guarantees that the money will be paid only to the stated recipient..

Bank account is a convenient way of money handling. One of the main directions of our work is money transfers and payments.

You may carry out the following operations with cash assets available on your bank account:

  • transfer your cash assets to your other accounts and deposits, opened in the Bank;
  • transfer your cash assets to accounts (and deposits), opened by you in other banks within and outside the territory of Azerbaijan;
  • transfer your cash assets to other residents and nonresidents (legal persons, sole proprietor or individuals).

International transfers

Золотая Корона money transfer system

Contact money transfer system