Refinans kredit

Тake advantage of the refinance loan program from VTB Bank (Azerbaijan) - collect your loans from different banks into one loan. With this loan, you can reduce the monthly payment, while receiving additional cash

Credit terms         

  • Loan currency: AZN
  • Loan amount: 300 – 15 000 AZN
  • Loan term: 6-60 months
  • Bank commission: 1%
  • Loan funds are transferred to a Visa Direct Premium card account
  • Commission for withdrawing loan funds from the card account: according to the Bank's Tariffs
  • The client is provided with 2 types of insurance
  • Annual interest rate according to the table below

Table of interest rates:

  Loan terms     İnterest rate  
  6-months ay     17%  
  months ay     19%  
  36 months     20%  
  48 months     21%  
  60 months   22%
  • AAIR: 19.38% -24.74%
  • The client is provided with a choice of insurance against accidents or the option "Financial protection"

The option "Financial Protection" implies full loan coverage by the Bank against Borrower's death and is provided by the Bank to the Borrower on the following conditions:

  • commission for "financial protection" is 1.5% (minimum 20 AZN) and can be included in the loan amount upon Borrower’s request;

  • Upon registration of the option, in the event of the Borrower’s death, the obligation to the Bank terminates, subject to the obligatory provision of a death certificate of the Borrower by a close relative. 

Requirement for the Borrower

  • Citizenship of the Republic of Azerbaijan
  • Age: min. 21 - max. 60 at the end of the loan term
  • Employment: work with an employment contract (for hire)
  • Place of registration: Baku, Khirdalan, Sumgait cities, Absheron district *
  • Place of work: Baku, Khirdalan, Sumgait cities, Absheron district **

Work experience: a year of the general experience ,experience at the last job place for at least 6 months

* in case, if in the electronic record, received from "Asan Finans", the place of work is specified one of the listed cities, the requirement is not applied
** if the place of registration is located in the specified cities, the requirement is not applied