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Auto loans

Do you dream of a new car? If you want your dream to come true immediately, you have to contact to our bank. Our loan product “Autoexpress” will help you to make your dream come true. So we offer advantage terms and we cooperate with many auto dialers.

Terms of the loan:

Loan is issued: citizens of Azerbaijan Republic

Loans object: new cars with the date of production no more than 1 year

Loan currency: AZN

Loan minimal sum: 3 000 AZN

Initial Instalment: 40-50% of the car

Loan maturity: 6-60 month

Interest rate: from 21%

Effective Annual Percentage Rate (EAPR): 23,06%

 List of car dealers:

·         KIA Motors Azerbaijan

·         Performance Center Co

·         Auto Azerbaijan

·         Nurgun Motors (Group)

·         VW Group

·         Diamond Motors  MMC

·         Lexus Baku

·         Improteks Motors MMM

·         Farrukh PCC

·         Khazar Lada Ltd

·         Bentley Baku

·         Cahan Motors

·         MG Motors

·         El Motors

·         Автосалон «Нептун»

·         BYD Auto Azerbaijan/

·         Cahandar MMC