Loan repayments via “MilliÖN” terminals

The clients of VTB Bank (Azerbaijan) can repay their loans via “MilliÖN” payment terminals. “MilliÖN” terminals let customers repay their credits any time during the day.

How to pay through MilliÖN?
 1. In “Millions” terminals choose the option “Banking operations”, then “Bank VTB”
 2. "Enter your contract number or PIN-code, press OK button
 3. After being sure that number of loan agreement or PIN and name and surname info are right, amount in cash have to be placed into terminal
 4. Take your receipt.

Credit payment via terminal is free of charge. Payment is being done on online mode.

  • Credits are paid out after 17:00 and non-working days will be executed on next working day. In this case credit is considered past due.
  • Do not use torn and dilapidated banknotes.
  • Inserted banknotes will not be come back.
  • Cashacceptor does not pay back in kind.

“MilliOn” terminals are placed in various trading and business centers, subway stations, supermarkets, business centers, stations, seaports, airport and railway stations.

Attention! Cashacceptor accepts only the currency, which matches the credit currency chosen by Client.

VTB Bank (Azerbaijan) joined the MilliÖn payment system on June 17, 2013.