VTB — Button menu

Button menu

A new feature in Direct: now in the Direct Chat-Bank you can perform the required action with a single click of a button! The new push-button menu replaces the former with the original, allowing you to get easy access to the operations you want. Before this menu in WhatsApp, you had to send the number necessary for the operation, or type the required code word in order to receive a response from the Direct Chat-Bank. Now you do not need to waste time and figure out how and what exactly to respond to a message in the Direct Chat-bank to carry out an operation. A suitable answer is already here, and it is in front of you, you just have to click on it and it will be automatically sent.

How to get started on Direct Chat Banking?

  • Activate the Direct virtual card by sending the word “Start” to the chat to the number (+994) 702140986 in WhatsApp, or by following the link.
  • On Facebook Messenger: Go to the Direct VTB page and click start.
  • Select the required menu.
  • Carry out the required operation in the Chat-Bank.

You can also activate the card here hereand order a loan here.