VTB — Digital bank Direct

Digital bank Direct

General information

Conduct most banking transactions without visiting a bank branch quickly and securely using Direct Chat banking via WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

What you can do in the Direct Chat Banking?

  • Order a loan
  • Pay utility bills, telephone, internet, fines, government services and much more
  • Transfer funds from card to card, including cards of other banks. Including using a QR code
  • Make international money transfers
  • Replenish of the account
  • Repay the loan
  • Check the account balances and the recent transactions
  • Order a deposit and conduct transactions on current accounts
  • Order Visa Direct Premium card with 5% cashback
Direct Bank

As a gift, you can get a virtual debit card Visa Direct by starting work on Chat banking.

How to get started on Direct Chat Banking?

Select WhatsApp messenger or Facebook Messenger.
If apps are not installed, download from App Store or Google Play

Log in to Chat banking:

  • On WhatsApp: follow the link or add the Direct virtual assistant number to your contacts + 994 70 214 09 86
  • On Facebook Messenger: go to Direct VTB page and click "start".
Enjoy all the features of Chat banking!

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