VTB — Online loan application for corporate customers

Online loan application for corporate customers

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General Information

1. Company Name
2. The actual address of the company
3. Surname, name, middle name(s) of contact person
4. Contact person’s position
5. Contact phone number
(including country code, city, mobile phone operator)
6. E-mail address
7. Foundation year
8. Scope of activity
(brief description of the history of foundation, form and content of the main activities)

Parameters of the loan product

9. Loan form
10. Amount
11. Currency
12. Term
13. Interest rate
14. Loan product purpose
15. Security
Brief description:

Finance Indicators

16. Gross income (annual revenue) from sales of the company (in millions of AZN)
17. Net profit for the last year
18. Assets on the last reporting date
19. Liabilities and amount on the last reporting date
(specify currency)
Amount of loans to banks

Amount of debt to suppliers:

20. Names of banks to which there are loan debts
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