VTB Bank (Azerbaijan) provides corporate customers with credits and credit lines in manats and foreign currency. We finance projects, considering their specific features, by providing the choice of various loan products and individual terms of repayment. We have a flexible approach to the selection and loan evaluation and provide consulting services also.

Subject to the customer needs VTB Bank (Azerbaijan) provides short-term credits with up to 1 year term and medium term credits from 1 to 2 year term and long-term edits with more than 2 year term in manats and foreign currency.

Maximum amount of crediting (credit limit) is determined by consideration of the client’s needs and based on an assessment of his/her credit capacity and legal capacity, credit history in the Bank (if any), specific character of the project, etc.

Credit terms vary depending on the client’s needs:

  • Replenishment of turnover means - up to 18 months;
  • Replenishment of fixed assets- up to 36 months.

Taking into account the nature of the credited project and character of relationship with the borrower, long terms of crediting may be established.


Depending on the needs of the client VTB Bank (Azerbaijan) carries out financing the form of an overdraft for the settlement account in manats and foreign currency.

The purpose of the overdraft is a prompt response to urgent short-term needs of the customer in cash, in the absence of the latter on the settlement (current) account of the client, arising due to the time gap in funds turnover, on his/her accounts.

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