VTB offers ruble cards in Azerbaijan

17 March 2016
Bank VTB (Azerbaijan) offers ruble denominated debit cards to its clients, intended for use in Russia without additional fees. According to the Bank, cards are specially designed to meet the needs of individuals who often make business or travel trips to Russia, as well as for students studying in this country. Depending on their requirements customers will be able to buy Visa Electron, Visa Classic, Visa Gold and Visa Platinum. The maximum term on cards is 36 months and minimum - 12 months. Due to all of the above-listed cards the customer can carry out transactions through cash machines and make any payment through POS-terminals and Internet. The use of the card in the ruble currency will allow you to withdraw money or make payments at all cash machines and POS-terminals in Russia without additional fees during currency converting. Additionally, the clients of VTB (Azerbaijan) will be able to take advantage of the subsidized network of VTB group. So, owners of rouble cards of Bank VTB (Azerbaijan) will be serviced at cash machines and POS-terminals of numerous branches and offices of Russian banks VTB24, Bank of Moscow and Leto Bank not on international tariffs but on internal tariffs of the banks. Chairman of board of Bank VTB (Azerbaijan) Yuriy Yakovlev stated: "The issue of a series of products designed for clients whose lives and activities are actively connected with Russia is part of plans on strategic development of our Bank. Bank VTB (Azerbaijan) is a member of international financial group VTB with a highly developed network of banks around the world. As our Bank can offer products and services designed for those representatives of the population and business, who actively carry out transactions in different countries and in different currencies".

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