Our bank`s card holders can transfer money from one card to another through the Card to Card service.  The Card to Card service can be used through ATMs, our VTB Online - İnternet Banking and Mobile Banking. Card-to-Card allows you to transfer money (or receive money) from both plastic cards of VTB Bank (Azerbaijan) and cards of all the banks participating in the Azerikard processing center.

 The list of banks serviced in the Azerikard processing center can be found at:

Rules for using the Card to Card service

  • Insert the card into the ATM;
  • Select the appropriate menu: Services → "Card-to-Card";
  • Select the currency and amount of the transfer;
  • Enter the 16-digit card number to which the money is transferred (the card number is entered twice);
  • Confirm.

Commission for the Card to Card service:

  • The transfer fee is withheld from the card account, which transfers the funds.
  • If the card, through which the Card to Card service is sent, is a salary or a deposit card, then when withdrawing money, the fee is withheld from this card.
  • If the currency of the transfer does not match the currency of the card, at the same time, an additional commission for conversion is being reinforced.