Multicurrency card

Card Features:

  • 4 accounts with one card

  • Card currency: AZN, USD, EUR, RUB

  • Validity term: 36 months

  • Card type: VISA Classic, VISA Gold, VISA Platinum

  • Card maintenance fee:

Validity term

             VISA Classic        

              Visa Gold             

      Visa Platinum        

36 months
   25 AZN
     70 AZN
   100 AZN

Annual fee

 10 AZN

 30 AZN

 50 AZN

Advantages of card:

  • Saving for card maintenance - you can load up to four currencies on one card - AZN/USD/ EUR/ RUB

  • Prioritization of accounts occurs at the customer's choice

  • 0.5% return on your spending abroad to the card (Cash back).

  • Accrual up to 4.5% of annual profit on the account balance:
















  • Capitalization of interest (charging interest not only on the amount of the client’s own funds, but also on interest accrued in previous periods)

  • Conversion between card accounts is free of charge

  • Conversion in case of payment in a currency other than the card currency is free of charge

  • VTB Online Internet / Mobile banking allows customers of VTB Bank (Azerbaijan) to manage their finances from anywhere in the world and at any time

  • Through the unified ATM network when withdrawing funds from ATMs of other banks belonging to the VTB Group, an additional fee is not charged. VTB's ATM network includes ATMs of such banks as VTB (Azerbaijan), VTB (Georgia), VTB (Ukraine), VTB (Kazakhstan), VTB (Belarus), and VTB Bank of Russia. On the territory of Azerbaijan, the preferential network includes ATMs of Nikoil Bank, Bank of Baku and AzerTurk Bank.

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