Chat bot DIRECT is your virtual assistant on Facebook and WhatsApp messengers!
With DIRECT, you can use various services:

  1. Card services:
    • Opening of a FREE digital Visa DIRECT card;
    • Payment of utility services;
    • replenishment of the balance of mobile communications;
    • FREE transfers from cards within the country;
    • balance replenishment in terminals, ATMs with the Cash-in function, Bank branches and online purchases;
    • receipt of account statements and card details at any time;
    • creating a QR code and transferring funds to the card with one touch;
    • card blocking.
  2. Credit services:
    • ordering a loan and obtaining a decision in a few minutes;
    • loan payment;
    • view the balance, interest rate and the amount of monthly payment;
  3. Deposit services:
    • deposit order with one touch;
    • replenishment of a deposit account;
    • viewing the amount available on the balance, accrued interest, annual interest rate, date of placement and end of the deposit.
  4. The opportunity to participate in the Promotions, available only to DIRECT users and receive rewards
Of course. All your operations go through a certified secure connection of payment systems and VTB Bank. Facebook does not store any confidential information other than that which you informed him when you created your profile. Additionally, your online purchases are protected by a CVV2 code, which you can find out through the "My Card" / "My Products" menu.
A virtual card is a card with full functionality, designed for online payments, issued without physical medium.
With this card you can do banking operations, such as free transfers to other cards within the country, online purchases, balance top-up of mobile operators, payment of utilities, creating a QR code and transferring funds to the card with one touch.
Our bank gives you a virtual card for free.
DIRECT card, transfers between them, top-up from cards of other banks and cash withdrawals at VTB ATMs and Azericard networks are always FREE.
Transfers to cards of other banks, top-up via MilliÖn / eManat terminals and cash withdrawal at other ATMs are subject to a small commission, but they will be free for you if you actively use a DIRECT card to make your purchases. You can find out more about tariffs.
To order a card:
  1. Use button “Order a card” in Main Menu
  2. Type required information
  3. Submit your order
Literally in 2 clicks! In the Main Menu, click the "Invite a friend" button and send him the message with a link - via Facebook or any other messenger. For you and your friend, opening such a card will be FREE.
You will receive your card within three business days from the date of order. With an additional payment of 10 AZN, you can get a card the day after the order.
If you have just opened a card through DIRECT, then the maximum balance on your card cannot exceed 100 AZN, and the annual turnover of purchases is 1000 AZN.
To remove this limit, all you need is apply with a ID to any branch of VTB Bank either:
To increase the card limit, all you need is apply with an identification card to any VTB bank branch
Баланс карты Вы можете пополнить несколькими способами:
  1. Via ATM (ATMs) with Cash In function
  2. Via MilliOn / eManat terminals
  3. Through the QR code generated in the Chatbot
  4. Through transfers from other cards
  5. In the branches of the VTB Bank
  1. On the main page of the terminal in the menu “Banking services”, select “Bank VTB (Azerbaijan)
  2. Indicate the last 8 digits of the card and expiration date
  3. After entering the amount in the terminal and confirm the payment
  1. The ATM you use to replenish the card balance must have the function Cash In.
  2. In the “Services’ section you must select the menu “Cash to Cart”and enter the 16-digit cart number.
  3. Next, confirm the amount that you entered in ATM.
You can replenish the card balance with one click, using the QR code.
For this, you need:
  1. Select button “Replenish” in the Chatbot main menu.
  2. In the QR window, click on the button, “create an account”.
  3. Select the account which you want to replenish, as well as the amount to replenish
  4. After another Chatbot user (who was sent a link to replenishment/QR), will scan the QR-code generated by the system, your card will be replenished by the indicated amount.
At the moment, withdrawing funds a virtual card is not possible.
Cards provided by VTB Bank (Azerbaijan) have no restrictions on the implementation of any operations. Restrictions can be applied from the side of the site on which you perform the operation (for example, restrictions for AR cards, etc.)
When paying for gambling on foreign gaming sites, the Bank withholds a commission of 2% (min.5 AZN/USD/EUR/250RUB) + VAT in the amount of 10% of the amount winning.
In order to block the card:
  1. Enter the section “My products” or “My card” in the main menu.
  2. Select the card, which you want to block and click on “Card details”
  3. Click on the “Block the card”
To unlock the card:
  1. It is enough to contact the Bank’s Contact Center (+994) 986; + 994 492 00 80) provide the last 6 digits of the passport and the code word.
  2. You can go to one of the branches of the Bank and unlock the card.
To order a loan:
  1. Choose button “Get a loan” in the main menu
  2. Indicate the loan amount and your monthly income.
  3. If you are not logged in “My account” then enter the FIN code of the identification card in the field FIN code.
  4. Confirm the order by entering the 6-digit password that has been sent to your number via SMS.
Loan applications are reviewed within one business day.
A surety may be required depending on the amount and term of the loan, place and length of service and also depending on the place of registration.
Currently, our Bank has 3 types of deposits:
  1. Profitable – the highest interest rates, replenishment of the deposit is not allowed, accrued interest is paid at maturity or mounthly.
  2. Universal – high interest rates, replenishment of the deposit is acceptable, accrued interest is paid mounthly.
  3. Free - deposit replenishment is admissible (without restriction), accrued interest paid at the end of the deposit term.
Based on the conditions of the Deposit Insurance Fund, deposits with a marginal rate of up to 2.5% (in foreigh currency) and up to 12.5% (in national currency) are fully insured.
The terms of deposits in our Bank fully comply with the criteria of the Deposit Insurance Fund.
You can place deposits in AZN/USD/RUB currencies.
Each individual has the right to send an amount up to a maximum of 1 000 USD per day outside the country. The mounthly limit cannot exceed 10 000 USD.
If you encounter any issues during the operation, you can contact the Bank.
Bank Contact center: (+994 12) 986; WhatsApp: (+994 55) 214 09 86
Bank branches operate on weekdays from 09:00 to 19:00, on Saturdays from 10:00 to 16:00 without a break.
Use any method convenient for you:
Free hotline: (+99412) 986; (+99412) 492 00 80
E-mail: info@vtb.az
Schedule: 9:00—19:00 (on weekdays). 10:00—16:00 (on Saturdays).