Loans for used cars

The credit for a used car is very often necessary.  It is quite often much more profitable to purchase used car which will please still long the owner. In that case, our bank offers Auto loan for the used car. This product will allow you to become for reasonable price the owner of any machine chosen by you. This product let you to become the owner of any machine chosen by you for reasonable price.

Terms of the loan

Loan is issued: private persons, citizens of AR 

The object of lending: used cars

Loan currency:  AZN, USD

Minimum loan amount: 3000 AZN (or equivalent in USD)

Prepayment contribution:  from 80% of the car value

Loan term: 12-48 months 

Interest rate: from 22%

AAIR: 23,57 % 

Bank comission: the commission for maintenance of the credit isn't provided

In case withdrawing money in cash from the current account of the Borrower held by the commission for cash withdrawal according to the bank's rates.

Collateral: the purchased car