Cash Loan

Are you going to start repair? Or are you dreaming of great purchase? May be you are going to world trip? Or do you need money urgently? In that case, you shouldn't save money a long time and postpone your wishes for later. You can use our bank credit product “Cash loan”. Cash loan is a credit for any needs and reasonable conditions!

Terms of the loan

Loan is issued: Private persons, citizens of AR *

Loan currency:  AZN

Loan amount: 300 –10 000 AZN

Loan term: 6 -36 months

Interest rate: 28% 

AAIR: from 30,13%

Bank commission**: 1%

** In case of withdrawing money in cash from the current account of the Borrower held by the commission for cash withdrawal according to the bank's tarrifs.

PROMO!!! Untill September, 30, 2018, the rates for the product "Cash loan" were reduced to 23% per annum. When applying through remote sales channels (Internet or mobile bank, WhatsApp, call center or bank site), the interest rate will be reduced at 1% additionally.