Individual bank safe deposit boxes

Bank VTB (Azerbaijan) offers your customers a reliable way to save documents and valuables - individual bank vaults. 

  • Bank Vault provides full integrity of bank safes. Bank guarantees safety and bank is responsible for the serviceability of safe deposit boxes.

  • Only the lessee and his agent has access to the own safe deposit box. Safe opens with two different keys, one of them is kept by the tenant, and the second - in VTB Bank (Azerbaijan).

  • "The principle of two keys" guarantees maximum safety with individual cell: only you or your trustee will be able to access the contents of the safe.

  • Safe deposit boxes can be rented for a period of  7 days to 1 year. The rental period may be extended.

Safe deposit boxes can be rented  in the "Elmlar" branch at 32 Javid Ave., in front of "Elmlar Akademiyasy" metro station.

The Tariffs Table for the lease of safe deposit boxes :

                          7.2 sm      
                        14.6 sm                                
                            22 sm                                   

    1 month      6 months             12 months           1 months       6 months      12 months       1 months   6 months

   5 AZN          24 AZN       48 AZN           8 AZN       48 AZN          96 AZN      12 AZN      59 AZN      
          96 AZN

                         29.4 sm     
                       44.2 sm                                
                            51.6 sm                                    

    1 month      6 months              12 months          1 months       6 months        12  months       1 months       6 months
          12 months        

   16AZN          96 AZN       192 AZN           19 AZN       99 AZN          179 AZN      32 AZN             192 AZN   
         319 AZN

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