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VTB Bank (Azerbaijan) provides its customers with the most convenient and fast access to their products and services through the Chat banking Direct. Now banking operations are available on popular messengers Facebook and WhatsApp.

Chat Banking Direct allows:

  • Get a free Visa Direct card
  • Order Visa Direct Premium card
  • Order a loan for 30 seconds
  • Complete online payments within the country
  • Carry out international transfers
  • Pay for mobile phone services
  • Pay more than 160 services
  • Replenish the balance card by creating a QR code
  • Get acquainted with the current exchange rates of the Bank
  • Order deposits and cards
  • Receive details, as well as statements of card accounts

Connect to a chat banking and get a free Visa Direct card

Digital card Visa Direct with a limit on the balance account of 100 AZN, in annual turnover amounted 1 000 AZN, helps the user to solve several problems immediately. One of the advantages is the availability and ease of access: enough to log in to Direct Messenger Facebook or WhatsApp, and the card is issued to the user for. Thus, there is no need to fill out an application and wait for the issuance of the card, come to it in the branch and so on. In a matter of minutes, you can get a financial instrument and immediately start using it.

Also with just two clicks you can open a Direct card for friends and close ones. To do this in the main menu you need to click the "Invite another" button and in the messenger to send the message with the link to activate the card. Thus, close ones will receive a virtual card as a gift, with the same functionality as a plastic card/

DIRECT card can be used on the messenger in the same manner as a standard-issued bank card.

To use the services of Chat banking Direct and Visa Direct card is enough:

  • Be a Facebook or WhatsApp messenger user
  • Facebook users log in to the Direct page and click the Start button
  • WhatsApp users should add contacts to the number (+ 994) 70 214 09 86 and enter the word "Start" to activate/