VTB privileged ATM network

VTB Bank (Azerbaijan) offers its clients services at ATM network with preferential terms. The preferential network includes ATMs of VTB Group banks, VTB (Georgia), VTB (Ukraine), VTB (Kazakhstan), VTB Bank (Belarus) and VTB 24, Bank of Moscow and the Post Bank in Russia. In addition, the participants of preferential ATM network is an Azerbaijani bank - AccessBank, and in 2016 network expanded with joining PashaBank.

Within the single shared ATM network with preferential terms, favorable tariffs exist for customers of VTB Bank (Azerbaijan): for cash withdrawal at ATMs of this network, additional commission will not be charged.

The single ATM network enables an opportunity to cash out money from the cards of VTB (Azerbaijan) at ATMs of VTB Group, PashaBank of AccessBank and the same committee as in the ATM of the bank, as well as gives the increased cash withdrawal limit from ATM. 

The list of banks of the bank VTB (Azerbaijan)`s Prvileged ATM  Network:

  • PASHA Bank (Azerbaijan)
  • Nikoil Bank (Azerbaijan)
  • VTB24 (Russia)
  • VTB Bank (Georgia)
  • VTB Bank (Ukraine)
  • VTB Bank (Kazakhstan)
  • VTB Bank (Belarus)
  • VTB Bank of Moscow (Russia)