• Deposit  "Classic"
  • Deposit “Flexible”

Deposit  "Classic":

  •  Deposit currency  AZN, USD, 
  •  Minimum deposit amount – 30 000 AZN/USD
  •  Deposit term – 3, 6,12 months
  • Deposit rates for business are considered individually
  • Accrual and payment of interest  daily, on 360/30 day basis. Transfer of interest  - quarterly /at the end of the fixed term  for client's choice
  • Deposit replenishment  not provided

Deposit “Flexible”:

  • Deposit currency – AZN, USD, EUR
  • Minimum deposit amount – 100 000 AZN/USD/EUR
  • Deposit term – 12, 24 months
  • Deposit rates for business are considered individually
  • Interest accrual – daily, on 360/30 day basis
  • Payment of accrued interest – monthly, quarterly or at the end of the fixed term
  • Deposit replenishment –  provided. he total amount of all payments with partial withdrawal (additional payments) should not exceed double the sum of the initial payment during the during the deposit period
  • Partial withdrawal – On condition of maintaining minimum balance partial withdrawal of funds from deposit account is possible. Funds are transferred to the Client's account specified in the deposit agreement. Disbursement of funds is made upon client’s request not later than three business days after the date of receipt of request in bank
  • Interest accrual procedure in case of early termination of the agreement – in case of early termination of Agreement no interest paid
  • Additional payments – not allowed
  • Automatic prolongation –  provided. Prolongation of deposit under the condition specified in the agreement but according with the interest rate effective on the date of prolongation of deposit.