VTB begins selling boxed insurance products in Azerbaijan

15 March 2016
OJSC Bank VTB (Azerbaijan) offers for its customers a new fee product – boxed insurance products. Box insurance product with will be offered in cooperation with AtaSigorta is an insurance program with a predetermined set of conditions, risks and insurance amounts. Bank VTB (Azerbaijan) is represented by such types of insurance as ‘CASCO Insurance’, ‘Property Insurance’, and ‘Accident Insurance’. At that, the period of any of those insurance products is one year. The cost of CASCO insurance is 99 and 220 manat. When insuring real estate the cost of the product varies from region to region: from 48 to 70 manat, and the price of the insurance against accidents - 30 and 35 manat. Purchase and policy issuance are carried out in the branches of Bank VTB (Azerbaijan), i.e. there is no need to contact the insurance company. Documentation requirements are minimum. Thus, to obtain product ‘CASCO Car Insurance’ requires the availability of ID, driving license and technical passport of the car. For those who are interested in real estate insurance are required to present along with ID a document of proof of property ownership (deed or agreement). And only ID is required in the process of accident insurance. In addition, boxed insurance products of Bank VTB (Azerbaijan) can be bought as a gift.

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