Bank Management

Yuri Dmitriyevich Yakovlev

The chairman of the Management Board

Chairman of the Management Board of the VTB (Azerbaijan) since July 2014. Before joining VTB (Azerbaijan), Yuri Yakovlev had been Chief Executive Officer of JSC VTB a Bank New Delhi Branch (India). 

Yuri D. Yakovlev was born in 1957. He graduated from Diplomatic Academy of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. He has also graduated Moscow Institute of Sport and Culture.

Yuri D.Yakovlev holds a Ph.D. Economics Academic Qualification in International Trade and Finance.

Mr. Yakovlev began his professional career in 1978 in Sport and Culture Committee. He held various positions, including management position in the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation. Mr. Yakovlev has contributed to the selection and implementation of several large international investment projects in South Asia.

Mr. Yakovlev`s experience in banking sector began as the Head of International Banking Operations in Bank Russian Investment Alliance (RIA Bank) in 2003-2005.  

He joined VTB Group in 2006 as representative of JSC VTB Bank in India. 


Igor A. Okayev 

Member of the Management Board

He was appointed as a member of Management Board of VTB Bank (Azerbaijan) OJSC in 2016. 

Previously held positions:  

Between 2003 till 2005 held different positions at “Accessbank», «TBC credit». 
Since 2006, has held various positions at “Unibank” in the fields of corporate lending
Since 2007, has worked at “Unibank” taking positions of the head of SME Lending Department
Since 2010, has worked at «Unibank» as the head of Corporate Banking Division
Since 2013, headed the Corporate Client Department and also was the chairman of the Credit Committee 
Since 2015, a member of the Unibank’s Executive Committee. 

Was born in 1981. 


Klimenko Vadim Aleksandrovich

Member of the Managment Board 

He was appointed as a member of Management Board of VTB Bank (Azerbaijan) OJSC in 2016

Previously held positions:  

2005-2007 - he held position of financial analyst of Project Accounting and Budget Planning at Bank Standard 
2008-2009 - he held the position az head of Project accounting and Budget Planning at Bank Standard 
Since 2010 - he is a director of the Risk and Monitoring Department at Bank Standard 
Since November, 2016 - he is a director of the Risk and Monitoring Department at OJSC VTB Bank (Azerbaijan)
In 2004 he earned his Bachelor's degree at Azerbaijan State Economic University on the specialty of “International Economic Relations” and got his Master’s degree in “Business Administration” from Azerbaijan State Oil Academy. At present, he is studying at the University of Chicago in the Executive MBA program. 

Was born in 1983.